Football Bingo Affiliate Scheme

Football+Bingo Affiliates

Football+Bingo a free to play social coupon code game. The game boasts over 95% customer retention since its launch in August, and you could have a share of the success. Our affiliate scheme gives you a share in the value of the site. The more people that play Football+Bingo the bigger and more valuable it becomes. For a limited period we are allowing affiliate-players to join in the future success.

Register to join the affiliate share scheme, and help build Football+Bingo, invite your friends, family to join in the fun and watch your share value grow. To join in the fun of the site, there is no need to pay anything, but if you want a slice of the cake, when Football+Bingo is known across the globe, now's your chance.

We have issued 60,000 shares in the website business and these are available at £10 each through our affiliate share scheme. As our company has obtained pre-approved HMRC investment status, your share purchase is also tax deductible.

Affiliates can purchase a maximum of 100 shares, we've capped the amount to let as many players benefit as possible.

We are building our portfolio of partners who offer amazing deals, and these grow, and player amounts grow the sites value and your shares grow. So if you think Football+Bingo is great, then you can get involved in the growth of it too.

After registering, playing and following the affiliate links, we will send you a link to buy shares. The choice is yours.

Very Exciting 90 minute game free to play

Global Reach with the largest participation sport on the planet

Socially Networked and great for friends.

Fun, Live & Interactive, with real-time football fixtures

Large & Growing Partner Deals

Max tax deductible investment allowed £1000

Become an Affiliate ! Register and follow the Affiliate tab in the dashboard.