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Does your club need to raise funds?
How much time do you spend trying to raise money? Well, things have gotten a whole lot easier thanks to the launch of the FootballBuster Fundraising App which provides all sports clubs with the ability to raise funds easier than ever!

You can register your club in 5 minutes:

1. Register your club
2. Setup your BUSTER game in 5 minutes
3. Invite players to join and keep at least 80% of the funds raised.

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Clubs have been successfully raising £100s per month generating vital funds to run grassroots clubs and you should join them. FootballBuster side steps its way into fundraising with the help of ex-England Football Star, Chris Waddle. This brand new, exciting and unique this football game is designed to be used on the smart phones of football fans across the UK.

How does it work?

Football Buster allows you to setup an online fundraising game, supported by the downloadable apps. Once setup you can invite supporters, parents and members of the club to join up by doing the following:

1. Join your game by
2. Register via their mobile phones or via the website
3. Choose their two numbers and pay the entry fee.
Registration is simple & takes less than 5 minutes

fundraising for grassroots footballThe FootballBuster Fundraising App

The two numbers you choose represent two random teams from the English Football league, the goals these team’s score are added up (typically over a 4 week period). The first player’s teams who score exactly 21 goals wins! The winner take half of the money raised and the club keeps the rest!

The makers of the app have teamed up with Chris Waddle to create a new way of raising vital funds at grassroots level. Every club can benefit from FootballBuster by promoting Their game to supporters, parents and fans via social media. Inviting people to subscribe to your games which plays out each month.

Charities such as The Rotary Club & Amateur level clubs like Birbeck Boys in Liverpool, have already raised hundreds of pounds using the games.

The highly experienced Chris Waddle who has an affinity with “all things Sheffield” having played for Sheffield Wednesday in the 90’s said “I became the patron of this trust, because it definitely hits the back of the net, this new grassroots fund has the sole aim of nurturing young talent, and marks a fantastic opportunity for adult football fans to help achieve that goal whilst having tremendous fun. FootballBuster is an ideal way for any football fan to support their own club.”
Invented in Sheffield, by VCL, Football Buster will enable all supporters from the Premier league down to amateur levels, to help their club from this amazing new revenue stream. With the Apps available for download in Late November, it's never been easier to have fun whilst raising funds for your favourite football club
Our licence to operate these online pool games requires us to make sure that no one under the age of 18 buys tickets or claims prizes. This is why we ask for certain information, which we can then check through an authentication agency. The information is only used for authentication purposes, and is not credit checked.