How It Works

How to Play

Football+Bingo, is a free social football game, build up FBCoins to rise up the league table, the more tickets you play and the more you complete gives you more FBCoins, the higher you therefore rise up the league. Search for amazing deals on your ticket squares too. Search and click the squares on each ticket while your playing to unearth amazing deals. Deals can be open or timed and can be redeemed When the team on that square scores.

Play FREE & build up your FBCoins - use these FBCoins to increase the amount of tickets you have each game day. You'll receive 20 free FBCoins each week to play, and there are also hundreds of further FBCoins on offer, (see below) for the first tickets completing 4 corners, vertical line and full ticket. Thats not all, each ticket you complete gives you an extra 100 FBCoins , catapulting you up the league table. So create tickets using your FBCoins and footy knowledge, and climb the table.

1st user to complete Full House Bingo Ticket - (Bonus pot - minimum 200 FBCoins )
1st user to complete Four Corners on Bingo Ticket (Bonus pot - minimum 50 FBCoins )
1st user to complete Vertical Line on Bingo Ticket (Bonus pot - minimum 50 FBCoins )

Everyone can earn an Xtra Bonus of 100 FBCoins for each completed Bingo Ticket.

Go to the homepage and Pick 15 teams to score a goal from the fixtures each game day. You can create as many tickets as you like with the FBCoins you have. We will give you 10 free FBCoins when joining, and 20 FBCoins weekly to build up your FBCoins total. To view product offers, just tap on your bingo ticket squares, you can qualify for special "Deals" on some squares, if your team scores on that square and unlocks the redeem coupon code. But be quick as some DEALS are timed and countdown quick as they are in very short supply. Its as simple as that.

Your tickets update automatically. You dont have to do anything to your tickets. Watch your goals update live in real time. So create some tickets, invite your friends to play against and watch the goals fly in on the telly. Join in the fun FREE now! Create tickets Free

No monies or card details are required to play, and no monies are paid out. This is a skill game and you play against other people to accrue as many FBCoins as possible to be the best and bag great deals.

FootballBingo FBCoins have NO VALUE, (learn more) they cannot be traded or transferred from one player to another. VCL does not hold a gaming licence as this game has no entry fee, and no prizes of any monetary value exist. However in future VCL may decide to become regulated by the UK Gambling Commission if it decides to give FBCoins a monetary value. Until such time FBCoins cannot be converted into cash or exchanged for items of value, under gambling legislation they are not considered money or money’s worth. This is a free to play social game of fun, players build up their FBCoins total, by playing regularly. If you wish to share in the success of Football Bingo please see the affiliate page.