Turn Goals into Coupons - FootballBingo

We work with some amazing partners and they provide fantastic products available to buy during play. Just tap on your bingo ticket squares to view the products on offer, you qualify for the "Coupon Price" if you have enough points to redeem against the purchase. Its as simple as that. So, for example, you've had your eye on that new Samsung TV, it appears on one of your FootballBingo squares at £499 but the Coupon Price is £299, during the 90 minute game. Just go to your points page, redeem against the coupon required and you've saved £200. Amazing isn't it.

Play FREE & build up your points using your football skill and knowledge. Pick 15 teams to score a goal from the available fixtures each game day. You will need to play regularly to build up points. Join in the fun, and invite your friends to build up even more points!

Your tickets update automatically. Watch your bingo goals update live in real time. Join in the fun FREE now! Create some tickets and turn on the football scores.

You can grow your points total to redeem into coupons by playing and inviting friends, use your friends code in your slider menu.

Its great fun, watching your tickets develop and points growing as the live goals fly in. Go for it, turn those points into coupons and save massive amounts on the items you want to buy.

Join in today.