Rules of Play for Football+Bingo

Full Rules of Play and Meanings are available for individual games at the base of this page.

Rules of Play in brief

Postponed or Abandoned Fixtures

In the event one of your game squares is postponed or abandoned before or during the game, we mark your ticket as cancelled and the Points are refunded to your account. During bad weather periods, or rounds of the cup competitions it sometimes unavoidable for games to be effected. Goals have to be official to count, so if your pick scores a goal early in the game, but the fixture is later abandoned, the card will still be cancelled and your points returned. Postponed or Abandoned Squares go BROWN.

Winning Tickets

Winning bingo tickets are tickets that have all 15 teams highlighted as scoring a goal in GREEN. The ticket returns shown will be credit to your e-wallet points account within hours of its completion. You get 100 points for a completed ticket, but if you are the first to complete you also get the BONUS pot displayed, which is often in the 1000s of points.

Required Teams

On the "My Tickets" list you can quickly check how many teams are required to complete your tickets.

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